Eskers Restoration

Restoring Eskers Provincial Park

Restoring our Connection to Nature

Restoring ecological conditions is only one part of this project — the other involves also providing (and enhancing) opportunities for people to connect to nature.

For the last decade, the Eskers field has seen casual walkers and the occasional snowshoer or skier valiantly making tracks in the area. For walkers, the field has provided a nice contrast to the hilly and forested hiking trails in the park — the open and rolling topography gives folks a chance for a little perspective, to escape the bugs, and to find the sun.

When we started the restoration project we wanted to make sure that humans had a chance to continue to enjoy the area too. The restoration plan includes a perimeter trail around the field that will be maintained by occasional (post growing season) brushing to maintain a walkable pathway. In addition, local volunteers began track setting a ski track in the winter around the perimeter in winter 2018 and the first year saw a small but steady stream of folks enjoying a nice ski.

Future plans include the addition of some interpretive signs to explain restoration activities.

Sunny field walk


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